Golf Mad or Golf? Mad!

For some this just might be taking things a little too far, but for those who are in the know, this is heaven on earth. Imagine for a moment, you walk off the eighteenth hole, into the shower and then downstairs for your wedding. How could you pull that off? Well, you get married on the golf course and tee time is set perfectly so you can finish 18 holes before I do.

Golf course wedding venues

Golf course wedding venues make perfectly good sense when you think about it.

What do most people look for in a wedding venue? They want somewhere pretty, somewhere memorable and able to be a backdrop to a perfect day. If you’re not having a church wedding, then the places you look for are the beach or a country house. But really, what you’re looking for is somewhere that looks a little special and preferably has a catering staff. The golf course is an excellent choice which ticks all the boxes – assuming one of you likes to play.

Golf courses are geographically well situated. They are usually easy to get to, they have to be. Then there are well-managed grounds with different vistas. The perfectly manicured turf surrounding the holes, the rough, the bunkers and there’s usually a lake or two somewhere on the course.

Then, of course, pardon the pun, there is the clubhouse. It already has a license to serve alcohol, one extra thing you don’t need to think of. They will have all the tables and chairs, and a big enough space in which to put them.

All you need to do is bring in the guests and someone to do the ceremony and there you are a wedding which is perfect with minimal work for the organizer. You’ll know where any missing guests are too.