How to Identify a Good Realtor

How to Identify a Good Realtor

It is important to use a realtor when buying or selling a home. The real estate market is complex, and you might not understand the market dynamics. With a real estate agent, it is easy to sell and buy property without going through the stress. Realtors act as a link between property buyers and sellers.

Many people avoid buying or selling their home through a real estate agent because of the rates and commissions. However, using a realtor will avoid the risk and time wastage that comes with making a property transaction on your own. Here are tips on choosing the best realtor in Cumming, GA:

Local Realtor

Looking for a local realtor is important. A local realtor has aexchanging keys with realtor good understanding of the real estate market and even the local rules regarding real estate. When you choose a local realtor, it will always be easy to monitor the activities of the transaction when operating with a local realtor. Always consider a real estate agent operating in your local area.

Licensed and Certified

A good realtor should be licensed and certified. It is important to make sure that the realtor has been given the mandate to operate as a realtor. The real estate industry is regulated, and this means that it is advisable to go for a trained and certified realtor.

With a realtor who is trained and licensed, you will be sure that you are dealing with someone who is genuine. Professionalism is always important in real estate business and with a certified realtor you can be assured of professionalism.

Rates and Commissions

real estate agent and clientsRates and commissions are important in real estate business. It is important to understand the rates and commissions offered by a realtor. Most of the realtors will take a certain percentage of the property sale.

The percentage should be reasonable, and it should be within the recommended price range. Also, check out for realtors that charge hidden fees that cannot be explained. The realtor should be able to explain all the rates and commissions.


A good realtor should be transparent in his or her dealings. The realtor should keep you informed of all the stages of the transaction. Make sure that you look for a realtor with a physical office so that you can visit them whenever you need updates. Transparency in the deals is important for building trusts. A realtor should keep you updated all the time on their activities.